About us


The idea of the world’s first powerbank with never ending power was born. After years of running out of juice on our phones, speakers and cameras we set out to change how we recharged our gadgets. We travelled around the world for several months and designed generation 1. We ran a test launch in Oslo, Norway in December 2014 and sold out.


We launched our generation 2 of the Rescue Juice power system in Oslo, Norway June 2015.  In September we made Generation 3 and together with 40 selected partners we work together on making it impossible to run out of juice in Oslo.


We continue to develop the Rescue Juice technology based on Panasonic – Tesla batteries and are working towards launching the worlds first Never Ending Power network. A wast network of pre-charged Rescue Juice packs where you can swap your empty powerbank for a pre-charged.


Make it impossible for people to run out of power.

Markus Vesøen
Founder & CEO

Markus Vesøen is the Chief Executive Officer and leads the development of products, concepts and services. Markus is working on overall products, design and service strategy as well as execution.

Elisabeth Bratteberg COO Rescue Juice - Braves - Braves Ventures
Elisabeth Bratteberg
Founder & COO

Elisabeth Bratteberg is Chief Operations Officer of Rescue Juice and is responsible for the daily operations of the company. Elisabeth has experience in building her own business and leads the team executing the long term strategy. She founded Braves AS in 2013 and worked on several projects in e-commerce, fashion and technology.

Morten Knoop Sejnæs

Morten Knoop Sejnæs is head of sales in Norway. Morten has a strong background from sales and marketing and is leading the sales and marketing in Norway.