About us

Kraftverk powerbank with Italian leather case limited edition

Redefining mobile accessories

We set out to change how tech accessories for our digital life are made by making them in materials before only seen used in high-end fashion, furniture, and car manufacturing. Our Norwegian culture gives us an inherent need to own functional, simple yet long-lasting high-quality products. We do not buy, we invest in our wardrobe, cars, and accessories. We make beautiful and simple Nordic products worth owning.

Kraftverk power bank nødlader premium luxury nordic style

Our mission

As we look into the future we see that powering the tools that we use to communicate, create and document our lives will be essential to further push the humankind forward. Our mission is that you will never run out of juice on your device(s).


Every night when we got together with our friends for a drink, we ran out of juice on our phones. That Saturday in late 2014 the idea was born; let’s make a small pocket-friendly power bank that worked with any phone and when it became empty could be exchanged for a 100% charged power bank at our resellers all over the country. That year we started testing our power bank service in Norway.


What we learned from 2014, we improved and remade. We launched the product in over 200 bars, restaurants, kiosks, hotels and resorts all over the country. Finally, we were on our way to solve the ultimate tech problem; No more juice.


This was the year we got fed up with cheap plastic mobile accessories and started working on creating a new line of products for the concerning customer that demands quality, simplicity and beautiful design.  We launch our line of Kraftverk Powerbanks made in high-quality materials and a leather case. (Kraftverk  is the Norwegian word for Powerplant)


Make it impossible for people to run out of juice.

Markus Vesøen
Founder & CEO

Markus Vesøen is the Chief Executive Officer and leads the development of products, concepts and services. Markus is working on overall products, design and service strategy as well as execution.

Markus is the co-founder of the product and service design company Braves – https://braves.global

Elisabeth Bratteberg COO Rescue Juice - Braves - Braves Ventures
Elisabeth Bratteberg
Founder & COO

Elisabeth Bratteberg is Chief Operations Officer of Rescue Juice and is responsible for the daily operations of the company. Elisabeth has experience in building her own business and leads the team executing the long term strategy. She founded Braves AS in 2013 and worked on several projects in e-commerce, fashion and technology.

Elisabeth Bratteberg is the Co-founder of the product and service design company Braves – https://braves.global

Morten Knoop Sejnæs

Morten Knoop Sejnæs is head of sales in Norway. Morten has a strong background from sales and marketing and is leading the sales and marketing in Norway.