• Never Ending Power™

    You can exchange your Nødkraft 4 at any of our resellers for free

    In return, you get a 100% recharged Nødkraft 4

    We call it Never Ending Power™

Buy online or in any of our venues

When you buy your Nødkraft it´s 100% pre-charged and ready to go.

Re-charge your phone faster than ever

Nødkraft will re-charge any small gadget that support USB charging. Insert the cable into the phone, then into your Nødkraft and it will magically start charging.

Exchange at any Never Ending Power venue for free.

With our world changing service you’ll never experience running out of power again. Locate your nearest Never Ending Power venue and just ask for a refill at the bar while showing your Nødkraft 4.

Uendelig strøm - Nødkraft 4 - RescueJuice

Mange nye bytte- og utsalgssteder i sommer! - Ny og forbedret Nødkraft 4 på vei ut til våre utsalgssteder. Ny USB-kabel, Eple adapter og USB-C adapter ligger klar i esken. Panasonic 3500mAh - Tesla bilbatteri på innsiden.

Posted by Rescue Juice on Thursday, June 29, 2017

We believe in a world where there is no such thing as an empty battery

Together we empower people with Never Ending Power™. With a Nødkraft in your pocket, you have a never-ending source of power for your phone, smartwatch or camera.


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Recharge all your gadgets

Rescue Juice 3 supports charging of over 20.000 USB powered gadgets

Over 100%

One fully charged Nødkraft 4 will recharge a regular sized smartphone such as the iPhone 5 over 100% on one charge.

Over 70%

One fully charged Nødkraft 4 will recharge a large sized smartphone such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung S6 over 70% on one charge.

Over 200%

One fully charged Nødkraft 4 will recharge an action camera such as GoPro or Sony Action Cam over 200% and DSLR cameras such as Sony A7.