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About us

Redefining tech accessories the Nordic way with minimal and functional design made in high quality materials in a sustainable way backed by our market leading warranty for up to 5 years.

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2015

In a world filled with cheap and disposable we set out to change just that. Designing durable, functional and beautiful products that will last. Designed with sustainability in mind we select only the best parts to ensure both safety and longevity of your Rescue juice product.

In 2015 we launched the first power bank service in Norway. Now we have over 500 hotels, retailers, bars and restaurants that sell our products and offer our sustainable power bank swap service we call 🔋📲♻️Nødlader Bytteavtale.

A perfect fit for your every day life

Designed to be versatile

Our products are designed with the user in mind and is designed in a way to support multiple products. We pride our selvs on making high tech future proof accessories that will work today as well as with the new products of tomorrow making our products versatile as the world of tech changes.

Simplicity in design and form

We’re just getting started

Our journey is just getting started and our commitment to you will not stop  until we have made and impact on  how we use accessories . Our goal is to bring the Nordic high quality and functional products with long  warranty a norm world-wide.

Our management team

Morten Knoop Sejnæs

Morten Knoop Sejnæs is head of sales in Norway. Morten has a strong background from sales and is leading the B2B sales in the Norway.

Elisabeth Bratteberg


Elisabeth Bratteberg is Chief Operations Officer of Rescue Juice and is responsible for the daily operations of the company. Elisabeth has experience in building her own business and leads the team executing the long term strategy. She founded Braves AS in 2013 and worked on several projects in e-commerce, fashion and technology.

Elisabeth Bratteberg is the Co-founder of the product and service design company Braves –

Markus Vesøen


Markus Vesøen is the Chief Executive Officer and leads the development of products, concepts and services. Markus is working on overall products, design and service strategy as well as execution.

Markus is the co-founder of the product and service design company Braves –

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