• RescueJuice nodkraft4 3500mah tesla 2.4A powerbank nodlader.no

    NØDKRAFT4 is a supercharged powerbank with unlimited power.

    NØDKRAFT4 have an unlimited supply of juice. Recharge at home or swap instantly at any Never Ending Power venues


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  • Premium luxury power bank nordic design usb-c quick charge 3.0 norway

    Kraftverk Safari Edition

    With over 5 hours of extra juice for your Macbook Type-C laptop or over 3.5 times of full recharge of your iPhone. The power is all yours.


Our philosophy

We believe in making products better. Because no one ever regrets buying the best. Ever.

World’s most powerful battery technology in the palm of your hand

Tesla battery inside

RescueJuice batteries are made in the same factory as Tesla batteries. Through reusing the Tesla – Panasonic Super Max technology we are proud to say that our battery is like no other.

Never ending power™ (BETA)

We believe in a world where you never run out of juice. With our unique service you can swap your empty Nødkraft4 at any reseller, making it impossible to run out of juice. Ever.

  • Recharge anything

    With your Nødkraft4 powerbank you can recharge any phone, smart watch, camera and even your 2016 model Apple Macbook that support USB-C charging

    The power is all yours


Leveraging the Panasonic Tesla Power Max battery technology we fit the worlds most powerful liquid lithium ion cell inside the palm of your hand. With great power comes great responsibility.


Compatible with over 20,000 USB devices your Rescue Juice can recharge action cameras, speakers, smart watches and phones. We are obsessed with quality and you’ll experience that it will be close to impossible to find a small USB gadget you can’t recharge.


While your phone battery degrades in just 6 months, we fine-tuned our design for the ultimate efficiency and long lifespan. Years of recharge cycles yet the performance still remains the same. Only with Rescue Juice.


Hand crafted in a luxurious super strong aluminium it will take a beating without breaking. Our incredible electro colouring system keeps your Rescue Juice good looking even after months of use and abuse.

Recharge all your gadgets

Nødkraft4 supports charging of over 20.000 different USB powered gadgets

Over 100%

One fully charged Nødkraft4 powerbank will recharge a regular sized smartphone such as the iPhone 5 over 100% in one charge.

Over 70%

One fully charged Nødkraft4 powerbank will recharge a large sized smartphone such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung S6 over 70% in one charge.

Over 200%

One fully chargedNødkraft4 powerbank will recharge an action camera such as GoPRO, Sony Action Cam and DSLR cameras such as Sony A7 over 200%.


It is not a battery, it is better than that!

Yes, it is the worlds most powerful single cell life source for your phone, but it is not about the battery. Touch it and you will understand. Elegant luxurious airplane grade aluminium made in a perfect shade of champagne gold.

Make your phone 100% better

Designed in Norway.


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